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fully flighted

  1. Lucifer

    Raising a Flighted Umbrella Cockatoo

    Hi, my beloved cockatoo Lucifer passed recently after two surgeries, $16k in vet bills and an autopsy that showed a heart necropsy that could never have been fixed at all. My heart is shattered. I definitely plan to adopt again, but I’m worried I won’t be able to find another bird so perfect...
  2. ktluvszoe

    Keeping a large book collection with a flighted lovebird?

    Hi all, I’m wondering how some of you may store your book collections/libraries in homes with fully flighted birds? Would love to see pictures and brand recs! I have 200+ books in my small bedroom stacked on the floor that need storing in an accessible way, ideally behind a closed door. I need...
  3. Heidi

    Help - It this normal? (Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim)

    Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim ??!!?! After a long time of debating pros & cons of flighted feathers vs. trimmed wings, I trimmed my Senegal parrot’s wings. She was used to being able to fly anywhere she wanted. I made this choice because I moved to a new studio apartment that is very small &...
  4. Tinabell

    To clip a new baby rose breasted cockatoo or not?

    I’m getting a baby Rose Breasted Cockatoo . The breeder says he will fledge before I get him. He recommended a very light clip , I’m not sure what my thoughts are on that ? Since he or she will be so little and new to me and my home, will it want to fly away in my house? Is it a better idea to...