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fresh veggies

  1. taxidermynerd

    Chirp tried his chop!

    Hi everyone! Today I made chop for my budgie, Chirp! I put broccoli, green beans, green bell pepper, carrots, acorn squash (steamed) and a little bit of steamed sweet potato in there. During the process, I offered him little bits of carrot and broccoli. He seems to at least recognize them as...
  2. Reggie

    Urgent Change In Diet - Change In Droppings?

    (Before anyone reads this I'm planning on taking them to the vet sometime in October, so I will be visiting an avian vet, I just need some experiences/advice on what people might think these issues are. :) ) I have a budgie named Manny who doesn't have tail feathers - after doing some research...