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free range

  1. aurelius

    How to stop budgies/cockatiel from landing in a specific place?

    This is kind of a weird situation and not really safety, but I wasn't sure if it would fit in behavior either... My birds (2 budgies and 1 cockatiel) live in my small birdproofed room, where my bed is across from the bird cages. Their food gets EVERYWHERE in my room, including on my bed because...
  2. Ziekenzie

    Free Ranging Bird

    Hello everyone! Currently, I have a parrotlet (named Esmeralda), who I have had since February. Recently, I have been looking into giving her free range of my bedroom during the day and caging her at night. I want her to live the best life possible, and this seems like a good way to give her a...
  3. F

    What is your opinion on keeping parrot out during the day alone?

    My green cheek conure and I will be moving to an apartment fairly soon. I’m a student and, after spending the last year in a dorm with my conure, we’ve had a good time! He’s out for most of the day, but now that I’m moving to a place I’ll have my room, I’d like him to be out as much as...