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found bird

  1. WillowNMurphy

    Found a Yapper (Lorikeet)

    Hi Friends! Hope everyone is having a good Easter weekend. My husband and I have just come into the possession of a very talkative lorikeet. A friend found him in her yard and he cannot fly, talks up a storm, and is such a velcro bird! We've been posting on socials trying to find his owner, he...
  2. N

    Found a canary but own a cockatiel

    This afternoon a neighbor gave my mom a white canary he found at his door, thinking it was hers(it wasn’t). She took it inside and it’s currently staying in my room uncaged. My mom wants to keep it saying she’ll buy a cage and everything for it tomorrow. The bird has no leg band but doesn’t...
  3. FeatheredM

    Lost and found bird stories

    Has your little birdie got out by accident, did she or he return? Share your story Mine is this... I was so excited to see my birdies after not seeing them all day, so I ran inside and let my birdies out, but I brought them out of my room and downstairs so they could get a special surprise...
  4. C

    HELP! I’ve lost my precious budgie!

    Lost parakeet budgie bird, Oliver is still missing since 4/26/21, from Woodlake, Durham, NC. He is green with yellow face and blue tail, tame, likes people, and talks. We are devastated and miss him so much. Please help us bring him home. We hope and pray he is found soon. Mobile 919 694 1465...