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foraging idea

  1. Zygodactylous

    Easy portable foraging station for small/medium parrots

    Hi! I wanted to share Perry’s work-from-home setup, where he clocks in every morning for destruction and snacks. This is a section cut from an $8 cardboard cat scratching panel (get the kind without any additives like catnip or grit of course) tied into a mini casserole dish with some grass...
  2. FeatheredM

    Do this with your coconut hut instead

    I just figured out coconut huts are bad for your bird, so instead of throwing it away I turned it into a foraging toy.
  3. Gokha

    Foraging trays and amount of seeds

    So I made each of my birds a foraging tray, bigger one for Momo, Zazu got the medium one and Walad has the smallest tray. Question: how much seeds/treats/pellets/ should I put in there? :D I usually distribute a thin layer of seeds all over the tray, but now I’m thinking, is it too much? The...
  4. Dextine

    DIY quick paper foraging/shredding toy

    I made a toy for my lovebirds and was pretty proud of how it turned out. :yes4: For some reason my balls turned out looking more like prisms :lol: Here is the tutorial for the braiding/folding To thread the balls onto a chain I used a bobby pin. They're seriously handy as bird-toy-needles.
  5. Hoshi

    Sunflower heads safe?

    During the summer, we grew some mini sunflowers (no bigger than 5 inch center). Would it be safe for me to hang a dried/drying sunflower head in my indian ringneck's cage for him to forage at the seeds? My only concern was the pollen, so I figured I'd ask the AA community:)
  6. J

    I am so glad to be here!!

    Hello, My name is Jacquie and I have two feathered friends-both rescues. Xavier is my Red Lored Amazon, who was sadly kept in a dark room and given outdoor black sunflower seeds for food. The owner adored her 2 new Cockatoos and Xaxier was lost in the midst. I contacted the woman who was selling...
  7. kifird

    A new toy for Nua! (DIY Foraging toy)

    So I did some research on how budgies like to forage, and apparently, they love to forage on the ground more than on trees and such. So I tested the waters by grabbing an empty container and filling it with pebbles, wood shavings, paper, and all the things that my little bird loves to chew up...
  8. Parakeet88

    Need ideas for foraging treats

    A couple weeks ago I bought a GCC. I'm constantly looking for new foraging ideas and trying to mix up the treats I put in them. I work night shift so I really stuff his cage full of snacks and foraging toys to help keep him busy/ quiet while I'm sleeping. So far it's working out well but I know...
  9. Jobot

    Anyone ever tried Kong toys for playing/foraging?

    I was thinking about this today. My bird seems to love chewing on rubber. I wondered if something really tough like a Kong chewy might work. What do you guys think? Has anybody on here tried it?
  10. C.Harris

    FREE Captive Foraging Resource

    Hi there, years ago some people associated with Harrison's Bird Foods produced a great (in my opinion) DVD video called Captive Foraging. Captive Foraging is a powerful form of enrichment and now Harrison's has discontinued the DVD and made it available - for free - on YouTube. I am not...