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food bowl

  1. B

    Java tree food bowls

    Hi Margarita and I have been together for 15 years and she has had her Java tree almost as long. She has snapped off all of her bowls and I am desperately looking for new ones. I found some that weee so cheap she snapped them the first week. Any help would be so appreciated! TIA
  2. Carine

    Weaning help!!

    Hello everyone!!! This is Jive, my cute lovebird, I believe he is around 6-7 weeks old? (Correct me if I’m wrong), I’m trying to start with the weaning process. I started mixing formula with a mix of fine seeds (the one in the picture) and he’s eating from his bowl alone, he also eats from a...
  3. SilverSoo

    Finally eating pellets

    My only post here was me being a new mother for a 4 weeks old cockatiel, and today at, their 8 weeks, Jaime it's finally eating his first solid food on his own :3 Though Jaime gotta still learn to not bat its wings while near the food. I have a concern, his feather on his chest are all stain...
  4. M

    Pictures Food routine

    Hello, i have ringneck, cockatiel,galah and african grey. I needed a help for my babies actually i am not clear about the fact that how many times a day i will give my birds to eat? And what meals should I give? Let me mention that i dont have pellets in my city so what alternative can i give...
  5. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Do your birds...

    Sit in the food bowl while eating :rofl: Blizzard does this at least once a day. She is such a cute budgie :budgie9: