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  1. R

    Budgie flew out of the cage

    I've owned my two budgies for 9 days (first time owner) and i've been slowly trying to gain their trust, I clean their cage daily, change food, put my hand in the cage, clean bowls etc etc so they have grown to not totally despise my hands. Today while I wanted to clean some poop off of one of...
  2. J

    Budgie keeps flying away outside if the cage

    Hey there! Got 3 young budgies , all are approximately 3-4 months . One is excellent at training outside of the cage : like step up as well as flying to me trick. The other 2 however … is a different case One is quite good at stepping up inside her cage but the moment she gets outside of her...
  3. Beakz

    Baby Ringneck scared of me

    I have a baby Ringneck, about 4months old. I let him fly around the house and he’s always been very sweet and has never been afraid of me. Yesterday he got on top of a cabinet and wouldn’t get down I made the terrible mistake of making him come down, he squawked and tried to bite me (something...
  4. cjy9375

    Missing BF Amazon - Lansing, MI

    MISSING!!! Payton blue fronted amazon parrot!!! Last seen in Hawk Island Park Lansing, MI. She's currently up in a tree in a densely wooded area. I'm going back at sunrise to try and get her down. She recalls well but she's so high up and it's so wooded that I'm not sure she can figure out how...
  5. B

    My bird always fly away from me

    I have had my cockatiel buddy for 8 months now and have been trying to stroke him, teach him to step up and let him out of the cage but every time I go near him he flies away from me and I don't know what to do. I have not clipped his wings but am not sure if doing this would help in any way...
  6. M

    Parrotlet keeps flying away! Help!

    hi there! I just recently bought a parrotlet and seem to be having trouble interacting with him. He is still quite new so I have been simply sitting with him and talking to him and instead of trying to grab him in the cage I have been leaving the door open and sitting by while I let him decide...
  7. SirTango

    Super skittish all of a sudden

    So I've had Tango (gcc) for over four months now, and he has become fairly accustomed to the sights and sounds of my household's daily activities. However, for some reason, today he has been a flighty scared mess all day long and I'm not sure why. He is used to seeing things moved around because...