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  1. Birdman696

    Baby bird has left the nest

    Hi, so my baby budgie is 6 weeks old now, and this morning I walked out to find it was sitting on the bottom of the cage. I heard that budgies fledge around 5 weeks, but I’m unsure if the baby should be out or if the parents have kicked it out. For the last couple days I’ve noticed it sitting...
  2. SnowB

    7 week old sun conure flying

    Hi everyone :) My Sun Conure is 7 weeks old going on 8 weeks this Friday. Last night he was playing all over my hands when I was trying to get things done so I set him down on my dresser and he flew to me out of nowhere. That was the very first time he has ever flown. I put him back on the...
  3. charlieboy

    Need help with flight training!

    I got Charlie at a breeder, and I thought they let him fledge before clipping his wings. Well, I was wrong... He is going trough his first molt right now and his wing feathers almost completely grew back in already! He flies super well and even fast, but there is one single yet important...
  4. Littlbird

    She's not weaning properly and I'm really worried. ll

    my little sun conure I brought home December 21st is still in a larger aquarium. but shows no interest in foods, Millet, etc..not even to Play with. I have a playpen I made for her .No Interest =she wants to cuddle. it's cold here r.now in FL and she uses the heat pad side alot. I don't have...