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  1. lillie

    christmas/hatchday ideas?

    what are some things you guys like to make your feathered kids for special occasions? :)
  2. taxidermynerd

    How Do You Guys Celebrate Halloween with Your Birds?

    Hi everyone! Halloween is coming in just a few hours, and soon enough we'll all be drowning in candy and treats. So since birds can't have candy, how do you guys celebrate with your flock? I figure millet is a given. This is gonna be my first Halloween with Chirp, so I'm looking for some ways...
  3. haze

    Pictures Say Hello to Biscuit!

    Yesterday I finally got to pick up the baby I've been waiting for! She(?) is a pineapple/cinnamon mix. As soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and chirped. She proceeded to flutter onto my arm and then climb up all over me. She loves to lay on her back in my hand and is just so sweet! She's...