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  1. Zara

    How much food?

    I´m really curious, how much do your lovebirds (past or present) eat in one day? Or how much do you feed them? I have seeds and pellets galore avail. for my birds after an all-you-can-eat veggie breakfast. I want to slowly cut down and stop wasting so much because I empty the seed pellet bowls...
  2. Oraien

    Feed recommendations for a picky Pi?

    I recently acquired a BH Pi. I am not confident on his age or most of the information I was told about him and recently found out that he was being kept in a cage that I had previously deemed too small for a green cheek conure when looking for cages for a new baby coming home- So now I am...
  3. M

    How much percentages seeds are used to ready seedmix.

    Hello I make seed mix for my budgie, cockatiel, lovebird.how much percentages i mix canary seeds ,millet, and other seeds? Thanks
  4. Mccookrem

    need urgent help 2 6 wk old green cheeks

    I was offered to adopt a green cheek and american dilute this week. The breeder sold parents and is not raising birds anymore. She took them away from parents 3 days ago at 6 wks. I have been trying to handfeed but they are fighting me. I have been getting 4 to 5 cc in them each feeding...