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  1. C.om.edian

    Pictures Unusual Poop

    Hello, I have a white bellied caique, 16 years old. He's been active and vocal but lately very watery poops and little feces. Seems like he strains as well when he poops. Vent as well as area around is clean. Morning poops seem well formed and urates + urine looks consistent. Feces color is...
  2. bird_mama

    African grey accidentally ate his own feces?

    Hi, I know it’s probably not anything to worry about but im just making sure. My 4 year old African grey accidentally stepped in his own poo while out of his cage. He does not let me clean his feet, so I gave him water to rinse off in. While I was getting the water, I saw him clean a piece of...
  3. J

    Young budgie with dirty vent

    Hey there ! So I just got 2 new budgies 3 days ago . The breeder said that both are supposed to be around 3-4 months of age . But since day 1 I noticed that one of them a female lutino budgie has this dirty vent compared to my other blue budgie …. But she has been really active for the past 2...