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  1. FeatheredM

    Diy toys

    Here I'll be posting diy toys that are easy and fun. Be careful that the recycled toys you use don't have the hardened glue on it. Make sure your bird is not ingesting any of materials. Recycle alot of stuff, anything as long as it's safe.
  2. FeatheredM

    Do this with your coconut hut instead

    I just figured out coconut huts are bad for your bird, so instead of throwing it away I turned it into a foraging toy.
  3. P

    Bird Tricks?

    Hey! I have an eight month female cockatiel who so far only knows two tricks. She knows how to hang upside on my finger, and to fly to my shoulder when I whistle to her. I noticed that she has a LOT of fun when training (even though she's really stubborn and food-driven :laugh:), so do any of...
  4. babyblue35

    Easiest ways to stay on top of poopy messes around play areas.

    Hi Bird lovers!! I was just wondering how everyone stays on top of the bird poop issue. I've tried laying down papers but when Blu flaps his wings, they float around the room and don't stay put. I also have a Great Dane who loves to get under his tree and "forage" through all of Blu's food...