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dummy eggs

  1. oliviikate

    Should I take Dummy Eggs Away?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong thread! I did see the dummy eggs master post but I didn't think I could find anything that currently fits my situation. Earlier this season my canary hen was laying eggs like crazy. Definitely too many. I got some dummy eggs as quickly as I could that have...
  2. Leih

    Looking for dummy

    Does anyone in the US know where I can get plastic dummy eggs for my lovebird? I found one site and they're pricey (because they're porcelain) so thought I'd throw this out here and see.
  3. N


    I recently adopted four budgies from an animal shelter, with the knowledge that they are bonded pairs. One of the females is exhibiting pre-nesting behaviors and I've been advised to get a nesting box so she doesn't end up egg-bound. I need advice about the size of nesting box as I've seen...