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  1. cikazako

    please help!! African grey christmas dilema

    ☹️African grey christmas crisis!!!! Hello, so I don’t know what to do with my african grey this christmas. We always spend christmas at my grandparents and usually leave the african grey at home. However she is plucking her feathers and whenever left alone for more than a couples of hours she...
  2. Parakeet88

    GCC weird regurgitation?

    I finally have a few days off from work so I went to my parents house for a couple days. I always bring my GCC, ben, with me. This is only his second car trip, he did really well on the first trip but this time it was raining. I think the wipers and how loud the rain was freaked him out at...
  3. FlockofFive

    How to take your birds on a walk and drive!!

    We think taking your birds out for a walk and a nice drive around town is a great way to socialize and get some much needed vitamin D! It is also a great bonding opportunity and family fun as long as it is done with safety in mind! Here are some things we recommend: