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double flight cage

  1. M

    Leaving flight cage (w/out birds) on covered screened porch permanently?

    I was thinking of putting a double wide flight cage (regular cage, not built for outdoors) on my screened in porch/lanai (has roof, located in FL) and bringing the birds out to that cage for supervised play time. My question is: if I roll the cage in towards the house wall/slider door when not...
  2. J

    Cage Sizes

    Hi everyone. I've got 3 birds, a budgie, a cockatiel, and a greencheeck conure. They have currently got 82x52x154cm flight cage each, but I'm looking at upgrading them all to a double flight cage each, so I've got a few questions about doing that. (this is their current cage) 1. Is 1.5cm bar...