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diy toys

  1. FeatheredM

    Paper mache for toys?

    Recently I figured out how to do paper mache, technically it's just paper soaked in flour and water. Would it be safe to use it for bird toys? I'm afraid they might think it's delicious and try to eat it since it has flour
  2. FeatheredM

    Diy toys

    Here I'll be posting diy toys that are easy and fun. Be careful that the recycled toys you use don't have the hardened glue on it. Make sure your bird is not ingesting any of materials. Recycle alot of stuff, anything as long as it's safe.
  3. FeatheredM

    Is this safe for DIY toys??

    Is it ok to use recycled stuff that has color on it for ex: caprisons box. My birdies don't ingest any of it or chew it much, just shred it to find treats. They are so useful, but are they safe?