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  1. C

    Corynebacterium falsenii in a rooster

    I have a not-even-a-year-old white leghorn rooster who has white discharge from the corner of his beak - when it dries it kinda looks like dried glue. He's been tested and they found "corynebacterium falsenii" and "klebsiella pneumoniae" and he's on his second round of anti-biotics because the...
  2. Man9oMango

    Urgent Help.. my bird has something inside ome of his nares

    So mango is a sun conure, since yesterday ive noticed one of her nares is swolen (i figured maybe its because of a little scratch, since she’s molting on her head sometimes she scratches them too hard). But today (in the morning) i found out that the swolen nares is plugged/clogged. So i kept on...