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  1. Stone016

    Urgent Her nostril is getting worse

    Ada's nostril has become crusty and her hard mucusy growth on her left nostril is getting worse
  2. B

    A wierd problem

    Bobby is like 2 months , and we brought him home a week ago. We observed a big wound on his chest , which is almost black. He doesen't seem sick , he plays with everything and he's eating a lot but, and here's the interesting part, when he drinks the water flows out where his wound is . My...
  3. Saya

    Does anybody have any experience with mentally "different" birds?

    I don't want to use the word "slow", but i can't think of another word really. My budgie was returned twice to the breeder before I got him and both people returned him calling him a s*** head. He does have a thing with biting, not out of fear or anything because he does it to other birds and...