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  1. P

    Help, what is this hard little bump near her eye???

    I found this recently when I was giving her scritches. There is a hard, little nubbly bump near her eye. It is pinkish grey, hard, protrudes, and irregular shape. There is a little white ring indent on it, which I assume is a follicle?? She's never had something like this before. Can someone...
  2. Y

    Canary cysts on wings help

    I have just recently bought a canary and discovered 2 cysts, caused by ingrowing feathers, one on each place where the shoulder would be in the wings, after much research I am left with a decision, do I keep picking the feathers out every time they appear, risking infection each time they do...
  3. I

    Pictures Tumor in my budgie

    Hello Dear Friends , 7 months ago in my my male budgie a cyst appeared.When I began to noticed it , I directly went to vet . She said unfortunately there is nothing to do with this tumor.But I determined and went to other vet and he tried to take some sample by injector but it was not able to...