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conure diet

  1. Fawnia

    My First Conure!

    Well... after about two months of research and fighting myself over whether I should I get a GCC or Lovebird, I was still conflicted. However, someone a few days ago offered a baby (4 months) handfed green cheek to me for 180$. I thought this was a very good deal compared to the 350 the local...
  2. jeffb02

    Happy New GCC Owner!

    Hello! i recently purchased a 4-7 month old (specific age unknown) Green cheek and named her noodle. Atleast i hope she's a girl. Anyways I would love some tips on diet from expert bird/conure owners. Shes on the smaller side of a conure compared to most others ive seen but sure has a feisty...
  3. Reggie

    Conure Harrison's & Mash Recipe Question

    As some of you already know, between the 1st & 15th of December I'm going to Denver to pick up my new GCC baby Cooper! (He's 7 1/2, he bites (not a problem for me), he can already say a few things when he's bonded to someone, and he's a traditional GCC - I believe.) I've been heavily researching...