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conure aggresion

  1. ChairmanG

    Rehomed GC conure help for aggression

    Hi we have adopted a 3 year old GC conure called Gerald. I've let him out a lot in the last 6 weeks (we've had him) and we've been playing in the kitchen. He has a massive thing for spoons and forks but I noticed he got really aggressive about the cutlery drawer. Now he's banned, but he's...
  2. D

    Conure aggressive biting

    HI, im new here. I have a green cheek conure that is almost 5 months old. Hes been really sweet but the past few weeks hes been aggressive. He flies to the floor and when i tell him to step up he bites me and it takes me atleast 5min to get him off the floor. I say no bite to him, i wiggle my...
  3. H

    My mama's boy turned into SATAN BIRD FROM HELL! : 0 to 100

    Hello all! i need need NEED ANSWERS! I bought my first baby birdy from Petco (dont come at me) 5 years ago. I named him Birdbird because im awesome at names. He is a Pineapple GCC. I have always loved him. We would go EVERYWHERE together! He loved to snuggle under my sweaters holding onto my...