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  1. Claudia

    Seeking Cockatiel Diet Advice

    Hi everyone, as you may or may not have seen, my cockatiel, Cheetoe, recently fell ill and didn’t eat for several days. I don’t want to jinx anything but I feel that he is getting a lot better as today he is singing and flying around. For the past five years of his life he has been on a seed...
  2. Claudia

    Urgent Urgent help with Cockatiel needed!

    My 5 year old cockatiel fell extremely ill about 4 days ago. I noticed him fluffed up in the bottom of his cage, not eating, not drinking, underweight, very very lethargic, quiet, and weak. His wings are unkempt as are his feathers and he can hardly hold balance. I have been keeping him warm...
  3. H

    Help: Poop Analysis

    I currently have a pair of cockatiels (their little daughter passed away last week). Although they are not showing any signs of distress or suffering, I am a little worried about their health after what happened to their daughter (star gazing, and possibly some other complications). So, anything...
  4. B

    Flighted Cockatiel Flies off When Taken out of Cage

    Hi, I recently got a young cockatiel that was not tamed and was constantly grabbed by people. I've done training with him to the point that he knows how to target and can step on the back of my hand if I have a treat. However, he is very scared of fingers and anything touching him. I want to get...
  5. Poochibird

    Cockatiel changed - is he just growing?

    Hello all! so my little guy is now 16 weeks old the past two days his behaviour has changed suddenly; he’s stopped talking (he would talk ALOT) and he’s started biting and chewing things more, including my fingers and everything in his cage. He used to never bite me and is a very cuddly...