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cockatiel mutations

  1. Dandelion

    Which mutations do you think this little guy has?

    I think he's a pastel face, but he also looks quite a bit lighter than a normal grey. I thought it was kind of funny that only two of the feathers on his body are yellow, and they're both under his tale
  2. J

    Is this considered a cinnamon color?

    I have 2 babies who are 5 weeks old. The parents are raising them but I hold them and show them affection. One is a normal grey but I’m curious as to the other baby. It is much lighter in color. Mom is a pearl and dad is a grey. I’ll share pics of the family so I can get some advice. I’m...
  3. Agiletiel

    Help! Cockatiels eye is red and puffy

    I woke up this morning and my cockatiels eye was closed, watery, and red and puffy. The area around her eye is "sticky" looking. She isn't acting any different, she just has to turn her head a lot to see me like her red eye is swollen shut. What does this mean?:bighug:
  4. A

    Help needed to identify the Mutation

    Hi, Please let me know What Mutation is the marked Cockatiel?(In the attached image) She is female and if she is to mate with the lutino (seen in the background) What may be the colors of babies.? Thanks in advance.