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cockatiel eggs

  1. S

    How much time does it take for a cockatiel to lay an egg she’s carrying?

    Hi everyone! I have seen this site way too many times but I felt the need to create an account today due to my concerns regarding my cockatiel. We have been at the vet twice in the last days. I originally took her to the vet because she looked sad and I was worried. He made a test on her poops...
  2. Sops1306

    Cockatiel laying eggs

    Hi so my hen laid eggs about 4 weeks ago, they arnt viable but there was a chance they could have been, I've been waiting for her to abandon them however instead I've notices she's just started laying again, now obv my male is in the box and won't let me near it but what I'm worried about is the...
  3. XII28

    Please help.

    My female cockatiel has been laying eggs, I bought her fake eggs to try make her stop. She has laid 3 so far. She just flew onto my head 20 minutes ago and laid something on me which appears to be a very broken, almost soggy egg? A yellow/orange liquid has came out of it. I have attached photos...
  4. cricketiel

    Does mating dancing mean eggs?

    Hi everyone! I'm sure I'm just being a hyper-paranoid bird mom right now, but my 2 year old female cockatiel keeps doing a little mating call/dance and I am terrified that it means she is going to lay soon. I took her to the vet last time that she did this and she didn't have any eggs at the...
  5. H

    Cockatiel laying infertiles Eggs but not interested in them

    Hi :) My 2 and a half year old cockatiel lays infertile eggs every 4 months or so. Each time she has laid eggs ( including last night ) she has shown no interest in sitting on them or anything. Can someone please tell me why this is? Thank you !
  6. L

    Urgent help cockatiel mating all the time

    (Posting on behalf of a friend) Hi, we introduced a male cockatiel to our tame female about a week and a half ago. The female is 2 years old and has been with us for a long time. The male is a bit younger (20 months old according to the breeder) and he is not hand tamed unlike the female. After...
  7. Swirlysnow

    Cockatiel laying eggs too much!

    Hi! My female cockatiel, Kiwi, has laid 4 clutches of eggs this year, and is laying one more now! We've been trying to discourage her, but she keeps laying. We do have a male cockatiel, but we try to keep them separate, and the eggs are infertile (they were candled) Could someone help, with...
  8. L

    Eggs not hatching

    Hi, I have a pair of cockatiels and I didn’t get them for breeding and don’t know a lot about it. But, nature took over and they hooked up and have laid some eggs. They made their own nesting box and laid the eggs and began incubating them. It is the cutest thing because I noticed one day that...