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clipped cockatiel

  1. lemonjuice

    how can i let my cockatiel be flighted?

    hey guys! so i have a year and a half old cockatiel named Lemon. I've tried letting his wings grow out so i can train him to fly safely, but as soon as his wings grow out he will have a freak out and do something dangerous. once he tried to fly into a second story window from my loft, and fell...
  2. N

    Cockatiel botched wing clip help

    My birds wings are cut too short Is there a possibility that they will not grow back? Is there anything that we can do to help the bird? When I got him his wings were clipped already clipped from the pet store, so I wasn’t involved in the process he is about 7 months old
  3. Maple_tiel

    Help with recall flight training for clipped cockatiel

    I’m not entirely sure where to post this thread, but I figure here is probably the best place. My cockatiel is clipped, I don’t have a say, I live with my father who wants him clipped and I’m not in a position to move out. I do however want him to be flighted when I move out. So my question...