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  1. D

    How to get my tiel to eat vegies.

    Hey guys! So, i posted about 2 weeks ago, I got a fairly young, 5months old cockatiel. He started to take the millet from my hand, and not panicking anymore, which is nice. Thing is, he only eats the millet from his seed mix, not even the sunflower seeds. I tried many times, many different...
  2. WallyCockatiel

    Book about taming, training, and more:

    I reccomend anyone of any bird type to check out this book; The Parrot Wizards Guide to Well Behaved Parrots. I have boughten it a month ago and it is super useful. It teaches you clicker training, target training, tricks, flight training and so much more! It is about 230 pages and is useful for...
  3. MooShu

    New to target training

    Hello everyone. I'm Cal and recently I've got a parrot that I've named MooShu. He had some health problems but he's getting better and better by the day. I want to target train him, so it would be easier for me to teach him to step up, following by letting him out of his cage more...
  4. Aubrey

    Pictures Clicker Training Leto Problem?

    So I've been trying to "prime" the clicker to get Leto ready for flight training and trick training etc. When Leto hears the "click" from the this clicker, he get overly excited (fans out his tail, flashes his eyes :scared2:, stands tall at attention and let's out his excited ear drum ringing...