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clicker training

  1. WillowQ

    Clicker training

    I’m trying use clicker training to train my Quaker and to a lesser extent my Meyers parrot. My problem is that I don’t have enough hands to do all the things I’m supposed to be doing. Also the Quaker didn’t have many toys before coming to me so every new item has to be conditioned in. my boy...
  2. Cwinneth

    Problems with training Quaker

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice on how best to work with my Quaker Rio. I adopted him from someone else who could no longer take care of him, and he’s wonderful. However, his previous owner didn’t provide him with any toys or enrichment. All he wants to do is be on me. I’ve provided him...
  3. Haroobom

    How to encourage training ?

    I got a cockatiel 5 days ago, on the first night I left her in the cage, the next few days when I took her out she would let me put her on the different perches I had set up across my room. Now when I take her out she does step up but as soon as she's totall out she flies across the room and...
  4. J

    Clicker Training Results In Painful Bite

    Hello all, Long time reader first time poster. I have now had my baby green cheek conure, Wilson, for about 4 months now and recently I started introducing him to clicker training. As of now I'm still just getting him used to the idea of if he hears a click he gets a treat. His vet said I'm...
  5. JapanBirdLover

    Training to recognize color: advice please

    Hello all, I’ve been clicker training with Apple, my GCC, for a few months now and she loves it. The clicker training helped her pick up targeting a stick, fetching a little ring and placing it gently on my hand, etc. but now we’ve plateaued. I’ve got this game which she enjoys where she goes...
  6. malibu

    Clicker/marker training

    Hey everyone, So my lovebird has now finally started accepting treats from my hands so tonight I did very basic target training and she picked up the concept pretty well. I was wondering if marker training with a consistent "yes" would be easier than clicker training. I have an Australian...
  7. WallyCockatiel

    Book about taming, training, and more:

    I reccomend anyone of any bird type to check out this book; The Parrot Wizards Guide to Well Behaved Parrots. I have boughten it a month ago and it is super useful. It teaches you clicker training, target training, tricks, flight training and so much more! It is about 230 pages and is useful for...
  8. MooShu

    New to target training

    Hello everyone. I'm Cal and recently I've got a parrot that I've named MooShu. He had some health problems but he's getting better and better by the day. I want to target train him, so it would be easier for me to teach him to step up, following by letting him out of his cage more...
  9. Atomiklan

    Clicker training CHOMPING

    So I started clicker training Lada my female Eckie a week or so ago. I click the clicker and give her a treat almost immediately after. She sometimes does something very strange that I don't understand yet from a behavioral standpoint. She knows treats are usually coming (picking up treat box...
  10. S

    Training inside the cage

    Hello! I recently took in a rehomed CAG. He is not very much into human interaction. He takes treats when I offer them holding them between tips of my fingers, but no more than that. He prefers to stay away from me. In his previous home (he stayed there for 1.5-2 months) he was used to going...
  11. singermanlynne

    When is too young?

    I have a recently weaned Alexandrine ( about 14 - 16 weeks old ). When should I start him on clicker training?
  12. Kathy Plaza

    Allow me to introduce my birds and I

    I would like to introduce myself and my fids. My name is Kathy and I live in SouthEast Pennsylvania, not far from the Delaware/Maryland borders. I have three parrots, all birds that have needed homes, so they are 'rehomes'. My oldest lil' girl is Tootie, a Peach-faced Lovebird. She is 8...