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  1. Popplizzie


    Hello! I have ordered F10scxd and was wondering if you all use it and when do you use F10sc vs. F10scxd. I ordered the xd to put in my carpet cleaner but I’m a f10 newbie. Any advice will be appreciated!
  2. peachypjm

    where to obtain f10 disinfectant

    so far I've seen amazon, anywhere else I should be getting it from?
  3. peachypjm

    Best Cleaning Supplies to wash/clean flooring !

    Does anyone know any bird-safe, like completely bird safe, cleaning solutions to clean hardwood floors? I want to mop my floor but I haven't found anything good or recommended as parrot safe yet, thank you in advance !
  4. EmmaAndEiffel

    No parrot suppliers in Ireland

    I'm not sure where the right is place for this thread, I'm living in Ireland and due to the UK leaving the EU no parrot suppliers are delivering to Ireland, we do not have a parrot supply store here we only have regular pet stores with a "bird section" that's mostly for budgies, canaries and...
  5. D

    Safe Disinfectant

    Hey everyone! I am traveling with my green cheek this weekend. This will be her fifth time on a plane so she is very used to the whole routine and is a very good bird while traveling. my concern this time is COVID. I want to wipe down/disinfect my seat and especially my tray table at the...
  6. MrPink

    Vetafarm avicare (disinfectant)

    I'm wondering if anyone uses Vetafarm avicare as a disinfectant? I believe it's an Australian brand. Since F10 is so scarce in the US, I'm considering other options. I've also been using Pet Focus by Mango Pet Products.
  7. Dostc426

    Vapor Steam Cleaner?

    Hello everyone! I am finally able to get my hands on a vapor steam cleaner to clean my sun's cage! I was wondering which ones would you all recommend and that are safe in the house with the birdies! :)