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  1. Cheekybirb

    Conure and small children - How to keep the birds safe?

    Hello, I hope this is the best forum for these questions! Please let me know if there is a different one I should put this on. We might be having some friends come and stop with us for a while and they would be bringing their children with them. They get along great when we visit with our...
  2. G

    Unprovoked Agression to Pre-Teens(GCC)

    I currently own two conures, a black capped conure, and a green cheeked conure. Genders unconfirmed. BCC assumed male, GCC assumed female. Some bird adoption context in the next paragraph, situation context in the following. My partner and I purchased our first conure (BCC), George, in July...
  3. N

    Lovebirds for preschool aged children (4-6 yo)

    Hi everyone, I am interested to hear everyone's opinion regarding whether lovebirds are appropriate for children 4-6 years old. I have a handfed companion lovebird that I personally trained and put a lot of effort into raising him to be the bird he is today. My boyfriend's nieces have taken a...