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  1. Kiwi & Co.

    Happy 2 Years Kiwi!!

    Kiwi is now 2 years old! His actual estimated hatchday was yesterday, April 20th, but I forgot to post the thread so here it is now! Pickle is also 4 months old now! Here are some photos of Kiwi :D And here are some photos from his hatchday!! I can’t believe he’s 2 already...
  2. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Happy Hatch Day To...

    Kiwi! Today is Kiwi's estimated hatch day! So far, he has enjoyed a millet buffet with Blizzard, and I'm going to give him some dandelions later! He's grown so much!
  3. McBird


    Over the last year, I’ve changed my profession and was recently promoted to supervisor!! I’m currently in training but this is one of the happiest times of my life! I got clean, and I’ve stopped smoking/drinking and now I’m in the supervisor position!!!! I’m super excited and proud of myself! :D
  4. taxidermynerd

    How Do You Guys Celebrate Halloween with Your Birds?

    Hi everyone! Halloween is coming in just a few hours, and soon enough we'll all be drowning in candy and treats. So since birds can't have candy, how do you guys celebrate with your flock? I figure millet is a given. This is gonna be my first Halloween with Chirp, so I'm looking for some ways...