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  1. ktluvszoe

    Outdoor cages?

    hi folks! Do any of you have outdoor recreation cages in areas with access to predators? How do you do it? I would like to eventually offer my singular lovebird a larger outdoor cage to fly around in and sunbathe but my dad feeds two stray cats who “perform our pest control.” I have seen them...
  2. keirieski17

    Cat afraid of new bird

    Hi all! I brought home a cockatiel a few days ago and my cat, Atlas, has not stopped hiding. He didn’t do this with my budgie and I’m at a loss for how to help him. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. P

    New and birdless

    Hello, Ive been researching, reading, and dreaming about birds. Me and my husband are seriously thinking about getting our first bird. I have 2 cats,(yes I know this will take ALOT of supervision and training) a 7 year old and a 12 year old (both humans lol!!!) We both work full time. From what...
  4. PrettyBirdy

    Birds and Cats

    Hi there! I am moving into a new place soon. It is the lower level of a house that has been converted into an apartment. The family upstairs has two male cats. The birds will be behind closed doors at all times, unless I am going outside with them in their carriers/harnesses. I'd still like to...
  5. O

    Video Animals World

    Hello to every one i am new here click on link and know about my interests . after clicking when tab will be open, click on option "subscribe". Animals World - YouTube
  6. Natalia

    HELP. Keeping my cats away from my canary??

    Okay. I've had my canary for less than an hour (his name is Neo). So I was just getting everything ready for his cage, while he was in it, I just changed his food bowls and added a water dispenser. I had a spray bottle just in case one of my two cats decided to try and do something to him...
  7. Sylvi_

    Forgot to introduce the four-legged's!

    I've been on AA since October, but I have realized I never properly introduced my four-leggeds. :wideyed: I have two wonderful dogs and two beautiful cats in addition to my flock and hamster. This is Benji, my male DSH with tabby and white markings. I got him from a rescue at 5 months. He'll be...
  8. T

    does anyone have advice for cat owners who want to own a parrot?

    Hi, I live in a house with two cats and 6 people (including myself) at the moment. I plan to get a bird in the near future, (probably around late January, early February of 2016), and my top options for my future bird is either an Indian Ringneck, or and African Grey. My dad seems much happier...