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  1. P

    How to Move birds safely to new home

    My move for my 5 tiels is coming very soon! I am wondering if you guys have any general tips on making the move smooth and safe? The temperature outside will be around 5 degrees C, give or take. Are there any indoor car fumes that are dangerous, or is having them in any car air safe? I will...
  2. redrose27

    Urgent Budgie throwing up

    Today (around 10pm) I gave kony (budgie) her medicine for gout which has caused her to throw up before but this time it was violent. She constantly kept going at it throwing up seed and a very very light pink substance which I think is the medicine but it came out almost white and a bit foamy...
  3. dollfish

    Tips on making roadtrips easier on birds

    :fairy2:Hello everyone! Astro has been in cars before but she has never taken it well. She keeps climbing around for 5 hours straight, until the car stops and refuses interaction. We are going on a 7 hour trip on Wednesday so I would like to hear your opinions on making road trips easier. So...