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  1. Birdman696

    Eggs infertile?

    Hi, so my pair of elegant parrots have been sitting on their eggs for over a week now and I decided I’d candle the eggs just to see, when I did there was no sign of how fertile eggs usually look, it was just yellow and maybe something darker in the middle but none of the red vein things that it...
  2. Lucy-Whey

    Is this embryo alive?

    Hi, I candled my lovebird eggs this morning and found one definitely living but the other one I wasn’t so sure about. The veins seem thicker and there was a dark patch. The egg was laid six days ago. Thanks.
  3. Gallows

    Can't tell if cockatiel eggs are infertile?

    This is my female cockatiel's first time having eggs. She's done a great job incubating and rolling them consistently, so I have a lot of hope. However, when I candle her eggs, I can't tell whether they're infertile or not. Her first egg was laid nine days ago. She has four eggs now, and it...