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  1. imchives

    Scented LED candles safe?

    So I absolutely love candles, and found some scented led candles on Amazon. I was wondering how safe/dangerous they would be since you don’t burn or melt them, they just passively smell good! I wouldn’t be keeping these in the same room Mac has his cage, more along the lines of possibly one in...
  2. R

    How close is too close?

    So I know how big of a no-no it is to burn candles near a bird. But I'm wondering how far from a bird would it be okay? Our bird stays in our living room, downstairs, and I would like to burn a candle in my bedroom, upstairs. If you guys thinks that's still too close then I'll play it safe and...
  3. cinnamon

    I’m worried :(

    so i’ve been reading a bunch about things that are bad for cockatiels. my birdie is 5 months old i’ve had him for 3 months. i know teflon is bad for them but we use only teflon, my grandma has also cooked with him on her shoulder once because she forgot and i sometimes bring him in the room...
  4. B

    About Candles Near Birds

    So, I was wondering a bit about candles. I have a lot of them. None are strong enough to smell all over the entire house, but they do have a scent. Assuming that I do decide to adopt some feathered friends (most likely budgies or cockatiels), I will have them in a less populated, small room with...