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canary feathers

  1. O

    Male canary plucking obsessively. Help needed!

    Hi bird folks, Last week I discovered that my male canary, 3 yo., plucked bald a big area around his tail and lower back. I'm shocked since he's a very active bird, sings every day and chirps a lot, has a large (relatively to his size) cage, and doesn't seem bored. It was difficult to notice...
  2. E

    Help, what is wrong with my Canary’s feathers? (Sad update post # 4)

    My canary - 8 years old - has started growing deformed ? Feathers ? - See photo below. I’ve never seen these before and don’t know what to do, more keep growing in On close inspection when I grabbed him for a closer look, I can see small bits of dried blood in his wings :( Anyone know what this...
  3. sheeluhwhet

    Streamline and the POOF

    Peeps' feathers looks pretty good and uniform throughout, but all of a sudden, the feathers above his left thigh just go POOF! It became more prominent this month, but the last time I saw this was last year. Have you guys seen this in any of your canaries?? I've noticed him chew on it...