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  1. AussieBird

    Can We Please Discuss Cuttlebone/Calcium

    I've seen it generally said cuttlebone cant provide a much if any calcium to birds, because it's calcium carbonate? So can birds absorb calcium carbonate, and if yes how much? Reason for this discussion is that I was talking to someone about cuttlebone, and this person went and discovered that...
  2. Gamusine

    Diet low in oxalate/calcium?

    Hi everybody! First time posting here. Sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my first language. I have a seven-year-old female budgie who's been having some health issues lately. She's been sleeping a lot for the last weeks and less vocal than usual, and her poop contains more liquid, although...
  3. TheMacDadd

    Why you should give your birds Egg Shell

    Really good method (cheap and easy) to give your bird TONS of calcium. I know some of you might do this but this is for the people who didn't know/dont do this, everything will be explained in the video below P.S. this does not only apply to canaries it applies to ALL BIRDS. Why You Should...