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  1. birdiebot

    Buddy says hello

    I adopted my Jardine 1.5 years ago and he is approx 6 years old right now. His name is Buddy aka The Papaya, he is very sweet and very nippy. He's the best $2000 I ever spent! He wants to be right next to me always, I am a homebody and also work from home so he's the happiest bird. He loves to...
  2. budsNares

    Hello from my flock! (New here)

    Hello everyone! My name is Benjamin and the last couple years I have fallen in love with birds... I live in a small apartment so its hard for me to take in many birds. Most the birds I have are because they needed homes and/or were in bad situations and I wanted to help them. I have 2...
  3. J

    Adding a bird to the family?

    I have a female cockatiel that I've had since she was a few months old. She recently turned 13. Having a bird for so long, I obviously have a very special bond with her. However my job makes it so I'm gone most of the day five days a week and I know thats not the best for her emotional health...