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bronzewing pionus

  1. J

    Looking for Bronze wing pionus in Hong Kong

    Hi everyone, been doing research for over two years now and im ready to get into a pet parrot. I have settled for a bronze wing pionus but unfortunatly they are very rare in hong kong. Im hoping someone good refer me to a breeder tht could help me. Thank you very much
  2. O

    bronze winged pionus

    Hi, I’ve been wanting a bronze winged pionus for a while now, but It’s been very hard for me to find any breeders in the U.S. I was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to get one? I’ve also contacted this website called Samantha Parrot Store but i’m not sure how trustworthy it is...
  3. Ashnic

    Pionus in Australia

    Hi there, does anyone know if you can get pionus in Australia? I keep seeing on various Aussie parrot sites that bronze wings are available. But yet to find a breeder.
  4. I

    Seeking to adopt/rescue.

    We drove from Maryland down to Hickory NC for the bird show with no luck in finding a Pionus or Too. Anyone looking for a forever home for either? Preferably Bare eye or Umbrella and or Maximilian or Bronze wing. We currently have an African Grey I rescued in 1996 she is now 25yo.