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bronze winged pionus

  1. W

    Brown headed parrot breeders in the UK

    Hi all! Thanks for letting me join AA! :) I’m looking to get my first medium sized parrot (only had budgies so far). Quite excited! My two favourites at the moment are the brown headed parrot and the BW pionus. I was wondering if anyone here knew of any brown headed parrot breeders in the UK? I...
  2. J

    Looking for Bronze wing pionus in Hong Kong

    Hi everyone, been doing research for over two years now and im ready to get into a pet parrot. I have settled for a bronze wing pionus but unfortunatly they are very rare in hong kong. Im hoping someone good refer me to a breeder tht could help me. Thank you very much
  3. MChiper

    Parrot in College? Travel?

    Hi all, I posted before regarding getting a bird for college; I was given very good advice to rather wait until I was in college or after graduation - so I am currently still bird-free. I know more about my schedule and the college policy on pets, etc. - it's very pet friendly and we may bring...
  4. ZY28

    Searching for a Bronze Wing Pionus!

    After tons of research i found that a Bronze Wing Pionus would be a good choice for me, but i found it really hard to find them. I live in Montreal, Qc, Canada. If anyone knows someone who breeds/sells them please tell me. Any breeder in Canada would be helpfull. Thanks.
  5. O

    bronze winged pionus

    Hi, I’ve been wanting a bronze winged pionus for a while now, but It’s been very hard for me to find any breeders in the U.S. I was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to get one? I’ve also contacted this website called Samantha Parrot Store but i’m not sure how trustworthy it is...