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broken feather

  1. B

    Urgent Are these feathers normal?

    My cockatiel started loosing its flight feathers one by one.. I thought hes molting period started… but i noticed that all of the fallen feathers have blood cloths at the end of the tip. My other cockatiel’s fallen feathers never had any blood cloths on the tip.. Is this healthy? I noticed that...
  2. urvogel

    Urgent broken blood feather

    Hello i recently got a baby cockatiel from a private pet breeder when i came home today he somehow managed to break one of the tail blood feathers and was bleeding luckly i managed to stop the bleeding, ona scale of 10(10 being the worst scenario) the bleeding was 4, the broken feather fell off...
  3. honeykat13

    Cockatiel has a seemingly painful wing feather, what should I do?

    A couple of nights ago one of my tiels had a night fright. After comforting him and looking him over, I put him back to bed. I don't know if I just missed it or if it started bleeding after I put him back to bed, but in the morning I noticed just a little bit of dried blood on his wing. He's...
  4. Violaxo

    Broken feather

    Viola has this broken feather ? Came home and noticed it. If you zoom in you can see a fleck of blood. After taking the picture she preened herself and tucked it back under her wing.... Will this resolve itself or do I need to remove it ... (I’ve never removed a feather before I don’t wanna...