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breeder questions

  1. K

    Any reputable breeder ??

    Can anyone recommend any reputable parrot breeder? I am from Miami Florida. I just lost my baby cockatoo and wouldn’t want to buy from any birdshop. Please any advise will be highly appreciated. Thanks Mainly interested in male cockatoo umbrella Blue and golden macaw male. thank you
  2. Rio&Friend

    What can I use instead of wood shavings

    Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest me what can I use instead of wood shavings. And can millets good for the breeding boxes floor.
  3. Princess_P

    Cinnamint w/ Opamint

    What would a Cinnamint and Opamint paired together have? Not sure yet which one is male or female. So all possible outcomes would be appreciated.
  4. Beakz

    Questions on Macaw breeding and homing

    Hi! So recently my parents got 4 breeder macaws from a breeder who wanted to get rid of all his (hundreds) of macaws because he was getting too old to care for them. Obviously not a very ethical breeder (he would sell the birds at 2 weeks old according to him) anyways, the man gave it to them...
  5. TAKA666

    Baby conure wont eat formula. help.

    hello, i recently got a baby green sun conure parrot, the previous owner told me that hes approx 1 month old. for the past 3 days ive been feeding him (3-4 times a day) and everything was going smooth. yesterday i even got a scale to weigh him, and his weight increased by 8 grams in a day ( 62...
  6. longyearwinds

    bonded/breeding pair experts needed

    i work at a bird store these days, and we recently had an older pair of breeding black-headed caiques come into the store. i noticed immediately that the male of the pair was very interested in me. he came from a male breeders home, and if he is sold, would go to a male breeders home as well...
  7. M

    I want to know about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds

    Hi, I am a new lovebird breeder. I pet lovebirds. But what is the way to understand about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds?? How can I know them by physical appearance. Please anyone help me with details.. Thanks
  8. M

    18 year old sun conure.

    I have an 18 year old sun conure that just recently started laying eggs. We were thinking about getting her a mate. What are your thoughts?
  9. S

    Galah or Goffin Breeders?

    I live in Florida and I hope to find a fairly affordable ($1,500 or less) cockatoo breeder of the goffins or galah species. I am willing to see breeders who ship too! I’ve been doing a ton of searching but all I keep finding are scam sites.... thanks in advance for any help!
  10. S

    American white parrotlet

    Is it possible to obtain a blue pied parrotlet by coupling a green and an american white or a blue and an american white? Im not very familiar with genetics and stuff, but I'm super interested in learning!!
  11. S

    Canadian breeder

    Hey! I want to adopt a baby parrotlet, but Im in Canada and I didnt find any good breeder around... Could you guys help me find one? Thanks!
  12. CharlieBirb

    Is my girl too small?

    So I am hoping to breed my Budgie girl, Mabel, with her partner Benji, but I am concerned about her size. She is very small for a budgie, but 100% healthy. She weighs about 33g, but is way smaller than Benji or Charlie, who both weigh 35g. I just worry that she may be too small to pass eggs.
  13. AYA

    Second bird on the horizon!

    So, I've been sitting on some exciting information for a while now, and I was planning on keeping quiet on it longer but I'm just so excited, I can't hold it in any more! I'm going to be getting a second parrot soon! :D Well, so long as there's a little lad in the clutch, that is! I've been...