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  1. birdofpara

    Termites and perches

    I'm looking at filling my aviary with tree branches for my macaw and caiques, but all I seem to find is termite eaten branches, the trees in our local area appear to be termite habitat. I know the termites won't hurt the birds but having them so close to the house is a concern. I also don't...
  2. E

    Bird safe way to fill cracks in natural branches?

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has found a good bird-safe way to fill cracks in branches? I have some perfect natural perches for my Maxi pionus, but there are a few cracks from the drying process in just the right places to catch his little claws.
  3. Y

    Can you use a grill to bake wood?

    This sounds stupid, but I was wondering if it’s possible to use a grill to bake wood for disenfecting? I just finished using a bleach/water mix to disinfect some branches but I wanted to do some more and bake it. Do I have to bake it? And if so can I use a grill, or will that just grill the wood?
  4. tiki07

    budgie natural branches! help.

    Hello everybody. Today I went outside and got some branches from trees nearby. I didn't think much about it so I did not really take a pic of the trees to identify them. I removed the branches bark, then washed them with vinegar and hand soap just in case. Then, because my mom wouldn't let me...
  5. Liliana

    Safe Perches

    Hi we are new to conure parenthood and have made a cozy home for Liliana. After some research we are unsure if the branches of the tree used in her cage is safe for her to live with. The branches are from a glossy privet tree. Does anyone have any experience with this tree?