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  1. flyzipper

    The Parrot in the Mirror: How evolving to be like birds makes us human (book)

    This is a rather intriguing (to me) upcoming book that's available now for pre-order. Description How similar are your choices, behaviors, and lifestyle to those of a parrot? We humans are not like other mammals. We look like them, but we don't act like them. In fact, many of our defining...
  2. conureluv

    Amazing book on conures at local book store!

    I found this amazing guide on conures (yes, all types) and thought that I had to share it! I found it at Half Price Book Store for around 7$. It talks about serious topics like blood feathers, finding the right vet and breeder, and cage requirements. I’m a fast reader so it only took me...
  3. Zara


    I wasn´t sure where to post this so I decided to post here on Lovebird Lane. While I was on amazon today, I came across a book and I think it would make great gifts for my two little nephews 2nd birthdays in a few months. The book is called ¨Peck - xxxxxxxxx¨ There seems to be different...