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blue quaker

  1. Rekillkos

    Feather advice (?)

    Hello all. I have a blue Quaker parrot who I’ve and for a few months now. I cal it a she and named her Billie. I keep plenty of other birds too, but I have a few questions for anyone with more Quaker experience than me. Billies’ previous owners clipped her wings, and as a result her tail is...
  2. Kodigirl210

    Quaker in PHX looking for a home

    A 3y - unsexed Quaker is looking for a home. While I don’t know much about the bird - the breeders helping rehome this little one are top notch. The bird is located in Phoenix & they are asking $350.00 - Please follow the link below if you are interested. We Are Helping A Client Re Home A 3...