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  1. wavywavy

    Video Potentially Blind Parrotlet?

    I feel like I'm posting an awful lot lately, but I can't get over how excited I am to have other people to talk to about my birds now as well as having them. Anyway, I hope I am on the right thread, and I figured I'd have my best chance of finding others with similar experiences on this one...

    Help! Blind Dove

    Hi! I'm new to the forum here and new to bird ownership! ( I am aware of bird care, I grew up around exotic birds and I used to volunteer at an exotic bird sanctuary. I haven't ever owned one because my father does not like the noise). ANYWAY... I just rescued a 20 yr old blind white male dove...
  3. A

    Recently blinded bird, please advise

    Our 7 year old cockatiel was blinded yesterday by one of our other birds. It was a lightening fast and brutal attack. She is in the hospital and has already lost one eye, the vet thinks she will likely lose the other. My question is whether or not it is fair to keep her alive. We love this...
  4. hrafn

    Setup help needed for blind and disabled birds

    I'm really going to need some help figuring out the setup for the Fearless Four. Though I have some experience creating setups for birds with disabilities (aka Kamara), I've never had a blind bird before, and I'm at a bit of a loss. What little I've found states that the enclosure should always...
  5. L

    Blind cockatiel

    So today I went to the vet with my mother as I suspected my cockatiel was blind + more problems. We went, and it was true. He had many problems, like respiratory problems and more. We got the price for the treatment of everything, and it’s 521 CAD. I don’t know what to do, because since he’s...
  6. BirdField

    Blind Senegal

    I saw that there was a blind Senegal at a rescue near my town so I started wondering what it would be like to care for a blind bird. I doubt that I will get this Senegal because I'm more of a beginner with birds but I'd like to write this just for future reference if I ever have a blind bird or...
  7. J

    Urgent Cataracts or Blind?

    I got my sun conure a week ago i didn't notice the white spot in his left eye. But yesterday when i exposed him to sunlight his left eye is white i dont know if he's blind or its something. Is there a cure for this? I think he can still see me because when i put my finger closer to his eye he...
  8. Klomonx

    Cage Setup Help for Old/Blind Cockatiel

    So you all know I have Ian, a 16 year old Cockatiel (he'll be 17 in May!). Since I've had him I've tried to help him be more comfortable, but it's very difficult. He has bad cataracts and cannot see well. Adding toys to his cage scares him because he can't SEE what they are, and I dont have any...