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  1. KiwiPo

    What Kind of Music Does Your Bird Like?

    Me and my s/o have a young conure and we want to introduce and dance in front of our bird Kiwipo but are unsure what kind of music birds like! Does your bird like music and what genre? I was singing “How deep is your love” and I noticed my bird staring and falling asleep. He’s now 8 weeks so he...
  2. TheMacDadd

    help me tame my canaries pls.

    Alright so I'm a recent bird lover, so basically my dad (a foreigner) is in LOVE with birds he bought us a canary abt 4 yrs ago, mikey was his name and we didn't really do good and recently he bought me 2 orange roller canaries (blaze and scarlet) and I was getting close with both of them but my...
  3. Crystal&Rosie

    New on Avian Avenue

    hi, I’m new here and I’m a bird owner of 2 parakeets, Crystal and Rosie. I have included a picture of my birds!