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bird toys

  1. Tapew0rrm

    Any good out of cage toy advice?

    I wanna get toys and such for outside the cage so that it feels more inviting for Aro to play in given he seems a little nervous to explore, but I feel completely clueless on where to even start. I've been looking into play gyms but all the ones that would be a good size for him are pretty...
  2. FeatheredM

    How can I use this (*fun thread)

    ( if this thread already exists, please delete this one and lead me to there) so I had this idea to make a thread for ideas of bird toys! You post a picture of something you have to recycle into a toy! And you wait for people to give you ideas of what you can turn your item into (make sure item...
  3. C

    Green cheek seems too bored without me

    I've had my green cheek for six years and I think he's too dependent on me for entertainment. Whenever I'm gone, he seems to throw around his toys just for a bit before napping until I take him out of his cage again. I've seen him play for much longer with his toys, but it's only when I am...
  4. OllieTiel

    Best place to buy bird toy parts in bulk?

    I've experimented with many websites and stores while buying bulk bird toy parts, but I'm not sure which website is the cheapest. Does anyone have any suggestions or personal preferences on where to get toy parts in bulk?
  5. Angela_2

    Safe wood for toys?

    Hello ^_^ Well Tweety loves home made toys more than toys i bought. I'm planning anyway to buy material from store to make more enjoyable toys. Tonight my sister found those coloured wood sticks so I'm not sure if they are safe I thought to wash them properly then let them dry in the sun if...
  6. Skyandkiwi

    Is the brand SuperBirdCreations safe?

    Hello! Is anyone familiar with the brand SuperBirdCreations?? It seems like a very promising and bird-safe place to shop. I wanted to buy this one toy of theirs, but I saw one person in the reviews say it died their birds beak. I don’t know if this is a common bird shop, but if anyone knows...
  7. Y

    Can you use a grill to bake wood?

    This sounds stupid, but I was wondering if it’s possible to use a grill to bake wood for disenfecting? I just finished using a bleach/water mix to disinfect some branches but I wanted to do some more and bake it. Do I have to bake it? And if so can I use a grill, or will that just grill the wood?
  8. Kiwi & Co.

    Toy Ideas

    I have a board of bird-safe wood that I got to use with my Cricut, so decided that I would make a bird toy out of it. The board is 3/32 in. thick (not a fraction I ever thought I would see lol) I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for what kind of bird toy I could make out of it? (I would...
  9. Vmax

    You know you’ve made it to crazy bird person when...

    Just interested in hearing your funny bird related stories. I’ll start with a not terribly funny, but maybe relatable tail...feather(see what I did there :rolleyes: ) I recognize that I have migrated from bird fan to crazy bird person when, I’m sorting laundry and find little bird toys in my...
  10. Mizzely

    NEW PRODUCT Hop On Over to Lil Monsters for Easter Toys!

    Winter is a weird thing. On the one hand it seems like it lasts forever, but on the other it seems impossible for it to already be March! Hopefully spring is on the way soon, too! In the meantime, Easter toys are here with plenty of time to finalize your shopping list...
  11. BudgieQuaker

    How to make toys? (Looking for help)

    Hi everyone! I usually buy toys for my birds, but now that I've gone through some threads, I feel like I want to make some toys for my birds. It just seems so fun, and I feel like my birds will like it (I hope) So I just have a few questions. 1. Where do you buy/get the supplies from? 2. How...
  12. Zara

    Pictures Quick and easy toys

    I just pulled out the supplies to make a few toys to give the bird something new to play with or shred. I thought I'd share, they're really nothing super special but they do the job, they're colourful and cater to what my birds like and what they are allowed. These sort of toys really don't...
  13. Leigh Porter

    Where to buy safe rope/cordin'?

    Hello hello! I am new to postin' here, but not new to browsin'. I've been lookin' into wantin' to make a couple toys for my little budgie, and I see contradictory statements throughout on where it is and isn't safe to purchase cordin' or rope from. Hemp- is the craft rolls from jo-anns safe...
  14. Danita

    Things have been Very WING-derful at Things for Wings...why?

    Why not be the first to find out? We have a HUGE announcement tomorrow!!! A couple announcements actually! :listenup: We have been offered a couple of amazing opportunities for our business to evolve and grow. Not because we are lucky, but because we are :super:GREAT Follow our Instagram...