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bird toy parts

  1. ZY28

    Where do people get there material from?

    Hi, I see a lot of places sell toys and toy parts for parrots, but I always wondered where do they get there materials from. I would love to make them myself but I don't know where to get the palm leaf, the wood, the vines, the coconuts, ect. Does any know why they get there supplies from? Ps...
  2. ZY28

    Where can i buy safe twine

    I wanted to make my own toys so i got jute twine from the dollar store. It had a strange smell to it and probably was not safe for birds. I checked pet stores and they did not have any twine available. Does anyone know where i can find twine that is safe for birds? Thanks!
  3. OllieTiel

    Best place to buy bird toy parts in bulk?

    I've experimented with many websites and stores while buying bulk bird toy parts, but I'm not sure which website is the cheapest. Does anyone have any suggestions or personal preferences on where to get toy parts in bulk?