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beak trimming

  1. leeflaa

    Trimming my conure's beak?

    Hi all! First time post. So I have a conure, Jack, who broke about 50% of his top beak and as such we take him to his vet monthly for bottom beak trims. For some time I've been thinking about doing the trims myself and recently have really wanted to do that more. Primarily this is because every...
  2. G

    Beak and Nail Trimming/Filing

    This isn't really a Heath question... it's more of a grooming/care question. I usually trim my birds' nails with animal nail clippers, but I sometimes nick the vein and I feel like filing would be way more gentle, just to remove the sharp tip and round it at the end. Should I use a glass file, a...
  3. kiwismom22

    Beak Trim?

    I’ve had my conure (Kiwi)’s beak and nails trimmed about monthly at his vet’s office since getting him in February. He will be 2 in March. Lately I’ve seen people are against it and I was wondering if I should be doing this? I have bought countless cuttlebones in different shapes, sizes, etc and...
  4. S

    my bird needs her beak trimmed, i need advice

    Hello! I’ve seen posts on this site in the past about many cockatiel related questions I had before, which seemed to help me out. But, I can’t find anything related to this so I am reaching out for advice. My situation is that I have a cockatiel who I’ve had for little over 3 years now. I...