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bad behavior

  1. Jeagerbrot


    My sun conure is chewing through the paint coat on his A&E cage and I don't know what to do!! Should I buy a better quality cage like stainless steel or aluminum? I didn't even know a sized beak like his could chew through the paint. I also don't know if I should get in contact with a...
  2. P

    Biting when stepping up!

    Hello everyone, A few days ago I bought a new green cheek conure. The breeder said he is around 10 months old and a male. He has been hand reared. However, every time I take him out of the cage and ask him to step up he has been biting me. I have read online that this is because he is hand shy...
  3. DaisyPeach


    Hey everyone, for the past few months my budgie Bloo has had a screaming problem. He never used to do this, but now he often shrieks as loud as he can over and over again no matter what I do. I don’t mind the noise of birds, but this is excessive and so loud I can hear it even when I am outside...
  4. Tibby_blu

    Budgie picking my skin

    TW: scabs, some blood and scars. Hi, my budgie (taro) used to be fine with me and only nibble me lightly if there was something she didn't like, but recently she's been picking my skin with her beak and it's so sore! I've tried telling her no, tried ignoring her and nothing is helping, i...
  5. B

    He's being so different!

    I'm so confused. My cockatiel Theo for the past couple days will NOT step up. I'll have the millet right there and he instead goes for my hand, nonstop biting. I back up, turn around for a couple seconds and wait, then keep trying but he'll either attack my fingers like crazy or turn his back on...
  6. mangobird

    Conure developing biting behavior

    Hi everyone. I've had my jenday conure Kahlo for about a month now :) He's always been a bit on the timid side, but recently, anytime I put out my finger and ask him to step up, he bites like bloody hell and leaves holes all over my finger :shifty: He always seems to get aggressive when I try to...
  7. Reggie

    Frazzled With Behavior: HELP BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND

    As many of you know I got Cooper the GCC on December 1st. I had no idea the situation he was coming from until I've spent more time with him. Most of the time he's okay, but I have a few things I get irritated with that he does, no matter how I try to get him to stop. 1 THE BITING I'm not...